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Welcome to 95 The Mix.

We are a family friendly station, providing Excellence in Internet Radio Broadcasting since 2009.


Special event!

2016 Washington DC victory campaign audio stream! November 10th, through the 12th!

A link to listen live will be placed here no later than a day before the start of the event.


Click here to listen to the promo!


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The direct URL for your favorite media player is http://listen.95-the-mix.com:9595/stream.


You can also listen to us through the iBlink radio app on the apple tv 4th gen.


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Many of us that broadcast here on the mix hang out on a family friendly team talk server hosted by Darren Duff, host of The Duff Domain!

Why not join us? WE are usually hanging out in one room or another throughout the day.  There is even a room you can go in to be with our djs live on the air if you wish!

While on the server you will be expected to abide by server rules, which may be found at the link below.


Server rules


Please note! your use of the credentials given to you to connect to the server shows your acceptance of the rules stated at the link above.

You can

download your copy of team talk here!


We are here for you: on the air: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have an ever expanding programming format, with new DJs on board, bringing a variety of different shows, just for you.



If you would like to know what is going on in the way of live shows, and special programming, simply:

Click Here, to visit our Schedule Page.

When there is no live show content, WE will be running automation that will consist of music and past show archives.


If you would like to contact us for any reason what so ever, simply:


Click Here, to visit our contact page.




Have you ever wanted to take 95 The Mix with you, where ever you go?

Do you have an iPhone, or an iPad running iOS5 or later, or a smart phone running the Android OS?

If you are using an iPhone, or iPad, go to the App store, and download I Blink Radio. When you run the app, go to community radio, and you'll see 95 The mix near the top of the list. We are also on OO Tunes, so check us out there as well. If you are using a smart phone, running any other type of OS, such as Android, find the app that is appropriate to your phone and OS. Now, you can take 95 The Mix right along with you, and listen to us, where ever you go.



If you use an iPhone, or iPad, and you are visually impaired, you can find out much more about apps for both business and leisure, that are totally accessible with voice over. Just go to:


http://www.applevis.com/, and check it out for yourself.


Lots of new shows, and new DJS are coming on board with the mix. You can find out more information about them on our

schedule page.


Want to become part of the 95 the mix family? 


If you are interested in becoming a part of the 95 the mix family, and hosting a show of your own here on the mix, then please,


Click here, to fill out our online DJ Form.

Also, be sure to carefully read over the DJ volunteer agreement

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